Company Background

The Skate Studio was founded by Sona Haria who had a deep passion for in-line skating. With this in mind,she set out to teach something that has never been done on a large scale basis in Kenya before.

The Skate Studio has expanded from teaching in Nairobi to teaching in Mombasa as well.


Our Mission

The Skate Studio :

Is committed to promoting safety and developing human potential by providing optimum quality in-line skate instruction, programs and service.

Encourages fun and uses proven experiential teaching methods to educate people of diverse populations in skating safely and with control.

Acknowledges the whole person, encourages a sense of community and ultimately nurtures self-expression through the art of skating.

Moves forth with the hope of effecting healthy change in business, touching lives with sincere compassion and concern for the well-being of all who are in relationship with the school.

Our Vision

The Skate Studio’s vision is to be different from other skating schools. We have achieved this by adding variety into the lessons: introducing dancing on blades,roller hockey for the more experienced skaters, holding a race every term and preparing skaters for the national Roller Sport Kenya race held in November annually.

The Skate Studio aims to take skating to another level in Nairobi by forming more junior and adult roller hockey teams, increasing the number of schools and venues we teach at and keep developing the personal touch we have with all our students to nurture their talent so they can go further with the sport and become champion speed skaters or roller hockey players in the future.

Our Values

The Skate Studio desires to nurture health (physical, emotional and social) by offering programs which facilitate the development of respect for self and others.

The Skate Studio values commitment, cooperation, communication, honesty, loyalty, dignity, responsibility, continued development, journey to excellence, safety, fun, strength and development of an all-inclusive community, shared accountability and win-win relationships.

Most importantly, The Skate Studio values you!