We have a series of well-planned courses catered for anyone at any level!

Trainers will be on hand to assist you in establishing a foundation of solid skills involved in inline-skating, which will increase your confidence on skates. All too often, scratch beginners try skating on their own or with improper supervision, resulting in learning of wrong techniques, tediously slow progress, and of course, you fall more frequently!

Your performance wil be monitored and assessed by experienced trainer(s), who will provide specific feedback and advice on your lessons and point out the areas that needed improvement. Trainers will also highlight common errors and problems faced by learning skaters, so as to bring up awareness.          
We will provide you the full complement of protective gear necessary for a safe passage of learning. Our trainers will also teach you how to fall! That is absolutely right, no skater, not even the best in the world, can claim not to have fallen before. A good skater is one who knows how to fall in such a way so as to minimise injury to him/herself. Armed with protective gear and proper safe skating techniques, there is little to fear!


The Skate Studio also offers individual private lessons in the privacy of your home.


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